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Adna Mrguda

Adna started her Yoga journey for the first time in 2014, after searching for the right place to start this practice. She's found this place to be Prana Yoga Studio, where she discovered Vinyasa practice with Aida Ahmagic, and fully fell in love with flow, dynamic and philosophy of this practice.

In 2015 Adna fully dedicated to practice on daily basis, even though she had full time job, she always found time to prioritize her practice. 

She knew from the beginning that Yoga practice requires

commitment to dedicate this special time only for  ourselves, which is the only way to bring us back into balance in this chaotic life/

With the opening of a new studio in Dobrinja in 2017, The Yoga House, 

Adna's  desire  to teach turned into reality and she started teaching Vinyasa Flow  classes that are often dynamic but always guided with special thematic, with an emphasis on the connection of breath and movement.

After years of vegetarian diet, what seemed to be a logical sequence is the transition to vegan diet that has contributed to making the practice much easier and in line with the nature of the body.

This was preceded by the participation and creation of animal activism, as well as the work of the Vegan Association  of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As a graduate student of the Philosophy, she always leaves the paths opened for discussion and new insights. But she says: "Challenge me with arguments against yoga and veganism" :)


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