TRE - Trauma Release Exercise

What is TRE?

TRE® or Trauma & Tension Release Exercises, is a somatic body based practice for anyone suffering with stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD. It overcomes language barriers as it is a process that doesn't require talking about the event, feeling or issue. We do a series of 7 easy stretches, stressing the muscles of the lower body, and building up a little shaking in the legs.  We then lie on the floor, and encourage these natural vibrations to move through the body, without trying to control them.  Most people enjoy the sensation; for some, they report a physical or emotional release, without becoming overwhelmed in the process. 

The TRE® mechanism, or shaking ability, exists in all mammals and humans.  It is the body's most organic and natural way of unravelling contracted or tight stress patterns, as well as reducing the charge of stress hormones and un-healthy chemical build up, bringing the body back to homeostasis 

It is recommended for anyone who 

  • Feels stressed, anxious or traumatized
  • Feels pain, inflammation or tightness in their body 
  • Is exposed to or has witnessed other people's trauma
  • Is living with health, financial, family, housing, addiction concerns
  • Is being, or has been exposed to war, violence, suppression or abuse
  • Is resident in a country of cultural, religious or generational trauma
  • Is working in a difficult or challenging situation that requires conflict resolution
  • has been involved in a vehicle or work related accident
  • has been involved in a natural disaster
  • has been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

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Aida Ahmagic is practitioner of TRE for the last 3 years and working as facilitator last 2 years she completed her certification and became TRE provider in April 2018, as currently the only TRE provider in Bosnia.



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