Special private services offered at TYH

Sound bath with Svarupa Bard


Sound Bath - During a sound healing session you will be taken into a state of deep relaxation as you are surrounded in a tapestry of pure tones from, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, rattles, and shamanic drum that help you clear away the cloud of stress and strife you carry around in your mind and body. Once you are clear and grounded in the present, it will be easier to live every day from your joy and truth. As you do so, you will have the opportunity to make new life decisions that design a life with less and less stress. It is a revolutionary act! Are you ready to make the change?

Investment" 50km

Tarot card readings with Svarupa Bard


Tarot Journeys - Expand your perceptive lens! Maybe it feels like you are stuck in this or that part of your life, but, really, you never have to be. Sometimes you just need to reimagine the situation and see it in a new way. It is not always easy to do it on your own, so Svarupa is here to help you tell the new story of yourself with the help of tarot symbology combined with his twenty years experience in self-realization studies. 

Investment: 50km

Japanese Cosmo Lifting SORENSENSISTEM™ with Maida Helac

Japanese Cosmo Lifting SORENSENSISTEM™
11 beauty treatment steps from the Japanese tradition combine


11 beauty treatment steps from the Japanese tradition combined with Facial Reflex Therapy result in this neuro-sensitive procedure, manually performed on the face with the aid of natural products. This is a beauty treatment, promoting overall health and well-being (health & beauty in one session, for women and men alike).

It is a non-surgical alternative to face-lifting procedures, with lasting effects achieved in 12 sessions (smoothening of lines, toning of loose skin, facial rejuvenation, rejuvenate organs, muscles straining faces and bodies, treating partial facial paralysis, release emotional blockages and stress, intensive detoxification of the body, stimulation of the lymphatic, nervous, muscular system, emotional satisfaction, hormonal balance, achieve the production of collagen). 

Investment: 50km/ 75min.

Private TRE® - Tension & Trauma release exercise with Aida Ahmagic


Private TRE® is for those who want to learn this method to use as a daily tool for stress release, those who want to combine somatic work with psychotherapy and learn self healing approach to releasing unresolved past energies in the body caused by deep traumas and stress.

Reconnective Healing and Reconnection with Maida Helac



This is the most perfect method of energy healing so far known on the planet. The unique method, not a healing technique in which the client directly connects with the universal field, 0 field or the higher self. Reconnective frequencies contain the light, energy and information. This is a process of self-healing and leads to an even balance on all four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That would be about Reconnective Healing.

Price: 120km- 45min. 
3 sessions max

Private Yoga sessions 1:1


You want more intimate setting to have your Yoga session designed only by your needs? We will help you go deeper and create practice just for you in a safe and professional approach.