Meagan Smith Hrle


About Meagan

  Born in Seattle, Meagan has been living in Sarajevo for the last 18 years. 

Meagan is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga with everyone, and she truly believes that yoga is for every body. Meagan's classes are dynamic, strength-building vinyasa flow style, while also nurturing and aligned with students' needs.  Meagan believes yoga is a process of returning to ourselves, and she encourages students to go inwards and listen to their body's wisdom throughout the practice. Meagan's goal is to create a safe space where students can reconnect to their own body, mind and spirit through the physical asana practice. Meagan has received teacher training in vinyasa with Aida Ahmagić and with Pedro Franco of Premananda Yoga School in April 2017, and she is continuing her education for the next 100hr through Premanada school.

Meagan has two sons who are her greatest teachers.