Upcoming events

Tension & Truama Release- TRE® , Wednesdays at 5.45p.m

If you are looking for a method to release stress, anxiety, depression, pain body, tension or even symptoms of PTSD then perhaps you want to try this beautiful somatic therapy called TRE® 

 Contact us for more info: pranayogainfo@gmail.com

Place for TRE is  limited for 6 people  only, so send us email if you are interested in joining! 

Acro Yoga jam, Friday, October 19th @ 7.15p.m.

This class will be led by guest and Acro lover from Holand, Fharied Rostali.
Investment: 10 euros

AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. It involves yoga, partner yoga, partner acrobatics, thai yoga massage and therapeutic postures. It is a social and consciousness awakening activity, and can push one’s physical and mental boundaries, embraces communication, to work together, to stay connected, to trust in oneself and one’s surroundings. AcroYoga is a playful fun practice!
This class will be led by guest and Acro lover from Holand, Fharied Rostali.
Investment: 10 euros

Tantra for women, Saturday, October 20th @ 6p.m.

Awaken Shakti energy through traditional practices of Tantra Yoga.

Once again we have opportunity to work on awakening Shakti energy or feminine aspect through traditional practice of Tantra Yoga.

Investment: 30km ( 15 euros )

Full Moon Yoga & drumming, Tuesday, October 23rd

Come to celebrate this Full Moon with us! This will be a special flow as we will focus on intention of this Full Moon and the class will be accompanied by drums that will play amazing musician Goran.
The class is a part of your membership, or 20km for drop ins.

Halloween at Prana, Wednesday, October 31st

- 4p.m.- 5p.m.- KIDS HALLOWEEN YOGA ( ages 5-12)


- 5.45p.m.- 7p.m.- SPECIAL HALLOWEEN YOGA CLASS ( costume, candlelights, candies :)

7.30p.m- 9p.m.- HALLOWEEN POTLUCK

Bring some vegetarian food and come to  celebrate with us :) ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME 

Community class with Andrea, Nov 3rd @ 10a.m.

This class is Yoga lab, Andrea is a new to become teacher at Prana and currently on ongoing TT, so this teaching is a part of her certification program, so because of that class is FREE for everyone! Welcome and come to support our dedicated student for over 10 years in Yoga who is now ready to share her life with you! Class will be for all levels, Hatha based.