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Tension & Truama Release- TRE® , Fridays at 7.30p.m.-8.45p.m


If you are looking for a method to release stress, anxiety, depression, pain body, tension or even symptoms of PTSD then perhaps you want to try this beautiful somatic therapy called TRE® 

 Contact us for more info: pranayogainfo@gmail.com

Place for TRE is  limited for 6 people  only, so send us email if you are interested in joining! 

What is TRE®

International Day of Yoga with Aida @ Golf Klub, Sarajevo, June 21st



50 hours Yin Yoga teacher training, August 26th


What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that typically incorporates longer, passively held postures. Bodyweight and gravity apply gentle, sustained strain on joint tissues, eliciting a profound physiological effect that’s different from more dynamic (“yang”) styles of yoga.

What Can Yin Yoga Teach Us?
Yin Yoga is an ideal forum to explore both Eastern and Western approaches to the physical and energy bodies. It highlights the uniqueness -- as opposed to standardized “norms” -- of our bodies so that we can better understand our true potential for both movement and mindfulness. Yin classes can explore several avenues: A physical approach, exploration of the meridians in Chinese Medicine, preparation for meditation, nervous-system regulation.

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More news soon :))).


More events soon :)))