Our classes

Morning Vinyasa/ Level 1/2

This class is on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.15a.m.-8.15, and it's perfect gentle Vinyasa class to start your day. For all levels. 

Teacher: Maya Dekic

Language: English/ Bosnian ( depends on students)

Vinyasa Flow & Presence Flow/ Hot Detox Level 2/3

These classes are intermediate/ advance level. They are sequenced in a way to take you from easier variations towards peak pose which is most advanced for the level of students who are attending classes. This is also known as Vinyasa krama or individual approach to Vinyasa  Yoga. 

Prior experience in Vinyasa is required for this class. 

Class also is based on philosophy subject which adds spiritual experience to  Yoga.

Teacher: Aida Ahmagic

Langauge: English

Vinyasa fundamentals/ Beginner level

This class is for BEGINNERS. The class is based on fundamental asanas and pranayama for those who are just starting their Yoga.

Of course advanced students are always welcome to deepen their fundamentals. 

Teacher: Aida Ahmagic 

Language: Bosnian

Awakening & Transform Flow/ Level 2

This moving flow of 75 minutes will move you throughout flow that invokes in a student these two qualities - awakening of consciousness and transforming through  

challenging yet accessible Vinyasa practice.

Practice is accessible to beginners and it's ideal for those who find beginner class light and Flow & Presence too difficult, so therefore it's great transition towards more challenging practice.

Teacher: Meagan Smith Hrle

Language: English

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is considered complimentary practice, as it's limited anatomically with main focus on 2nd chakra ( hips and lower back). The practice itself is special because it's awakening female aspect of our nature which is acceptance, letting go and surrendering and it's perfect combination with Yang styles ( Vinyasa or Ashtanga). Yin is also specific because it's also practice of stillness as it requires longer holds unlike Yang practice.

Class is on Fridays perfect to rejuvenate after long working week.

Teacher: Aida Ahmagic

Language: English 

Yoga therapy / Hatha Flow

Classes are suitable for beginners as they are Hatha based, so slow entering into poses and long holds which is prefect for those who are still learning fundamentals in Yoga.

Our Yoga therapy is also special because it adds to asanas Laughter Yoga - therapeutic Yoga which has lots of benefits for ones health.

Besides beginners classes are for all levels.

Teachers: Nedeljka Kamberovic ( Yoga  therapy, Hatha Flow- Maya Dekic & Aida Ahmagic)

Language: Bosnian