Aida Ahmagic

About Aida

Aida is a mother, a teacher of Vinyasa Yoga and Trauma Release Method (David Bercelli Foundation), spiritual warrior and a practitioner of Ashtanga Mysore Yoga, as well as a student and devotee of Ayurveda (the so called ‘sister of Yoga’ and the science about healthy lifestyle).

Aida has started her Yoga journey in New York in 2006, where she spent five years studying, working and learning Yoga. After a very short period of practicing Yoga she already felt some therapeutic benefits of Yoga (she healed her asthma from which she suffered 10 years before, and she also improved her health in general). Yoga was for Aida, from the very beginning a daily practice, which she never left.


Aida finished the education through the Yoga Works system in 2009, and continued to learn and improve her knowledge with famous teachers (Sharath Jois, Mark Darby, Laruga Glaser, Gabriele Severini, David Robson, Harmony Slater, Ajay Tokas, just to name a few), but she chose her main teacher to be Harmony Slater. Aida decided to return from New York and open the very first Yoga studio in Bosnia which would offer Vinyasa Yoga, and that is how she started her path in Sarajevo, the place where Yoga was the most needed.

Aida founded the Prana Yoga Studio in May 2010, which besides main Vinyasa program offers always diverse Yoga styles (Ashtanga, Yin, Prenatal, Hatha) and where Aida invites guest teachers, who help  students deepen their knowledge and techniques in Yoga. Prana is a place where Yoga is not only practiced daily, but also a place where Aida helps people with health issues, such as PTSD through the Trauma Release Exercise method by David Bercelli (, being the first certified provider of TRE ® in Bosnia, and in this way Aida helps everyone to reconnect with themselves and to act out of love following the ethics and principles of Yoga as one unity, and not just one aspect (asanas).

Her idea is to separate Yoga primarily as a therapeutic discipline, from a spiritual and philosophical practical discipline, through her classes, which are steps towards a transformation of the spirit and body. This approach helps us to focus on the practice as something much deeper then a physical aspect, and to start feeling Yoga not only through stories, or others’ beliefs, but  to truly let it in and to experience it on our own. In her work Aida combines different methods, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga system, Kundalini meditations as well as basic breathing techniques (Pranayama), because she found benefits from every and each of these traditional systems through years of studying and practicing Yoga, being respectively guided by teachings of  the father modern Yoga father, Krishnamacharya.

Aida has started her path and practice of traditional Ashtanga system with Sharath Jois in 2011, the holder of the Ashtanga lineage to whom she immediately felt connected, and now she is practicing Intermediate Ashtanga under the guidance of Harmony Slater and will spend time studying  Sharmila Desai, both one of the certified women of Ashtanga lineage system.
Meanwhile Aida became a mother of beautiful Sofia, and her practice for the last four years is motherhood, which is the highest level of the spiritual practice; a practice in which all the lessons of Yoga merge on a daily basis- patience, devotion, being present in every moment and having the conciousness about your actions, living completely in the present moment and letting ourselves become the child’s student, and at the same time a teacher, finding balance in every life aspect.

Aida  started Yoga alliance teacher training at Prana  with Premananda school from Brazil as the first TT happening in Sarajevo.