About Us

Yoga Nilaya - Yoga home


 Prana Yoga Studio is a home for people who want to practice traditional Yoga with an approach to heal, transform and grow, while being a part of our Prana community.

At Prana we believe that community is very important, so we offer you this home to come and learn all aspects of Yoga and also this sacred space where you can feel Yogic life in every apsect- devotion to God, food made out of love, people who respect each other. 

Welcome :)

Yoga practice - 8 limbs of Yoga


At our studio we practice all 8 limbs of Yoga, not just asana ( postures). 

We believe that Yoga is for everyone and we try to approach to people offering different classes so each individual can find something for themselves.

Our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified and through this traditional approach to western style of Vinyasa Yoga they create safe, playful and challenging classes that awake transformation on every level. 

We offer traditional Ashtanga Mysore ( also taught for pregnant women and post natal), Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Krama, Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga, Tension & Trauma release - TRE®,  Ayurveda & tantra workshops.

Yoga sangha - Yoga community


Besides transformative Yoga classes, as we mentioned Yoga community is very important for us. 

You will get support not just through classes but also through our events that we organize each month to keep our community supportive.

We do this through potluck parties, movie nights, Yoga retreats and summer weekends spending time in nature together. Feel free to contact us for more info! 

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