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Danas na rasporedu

Utorak: Kundalini Yoga u 12.15h, Prenatalna Yoga u 16.15h, Awakening flow u 17.45h, Vinyasa ABC u 19.30h!


October 17th, Wednesday ~ wirkshop with Pedro Franco


“Arm Balances I”
Learn how to fly with your own arms:

Arm balances are a powerful tool to help deepen your practice. They develop strength, flexibility and psychophysical balance.
Through the practice of arm balancing you can awaken the potential for compassion, love, creativity. They can help open and increase the spiritual connection, bring up the ability to communicate beyond words (telepathic Psychic powers). They intensify and integrate the flow of Prana (life force) energizing all the chakras and nadis (meridian channels), increasing the pranic flow in the middle channel, “Sushumna Nadi” opening the passages, meridians of “Anahata, Hridraya and Vishuda Chakra” (heart complex and throat centers).

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