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Today’s Schedule

Tuesday: Kundalini Yoga at 12.15p.m, Prenatal Yoga at 4.15p.m, Awakening flow at 5.45p.m, Vinyasa ABC at 7.30p.m.!

Studio Etiquette

In order to make your practice more pleasant and effective it is wise to follow these basic guidelines:

1. Please come on time
Come on time or even a bit earlier. By being late, you will distract other practitioners. If you happen to be late, come in quietly, lay your mat and start practicing.

2. Respect the silence & Turn your phones off
If you arrive late, please walk in silence in order not to disturb those who already started the practice. Switch off your cell phone – leave your work and social obligations out of the studio and enjoy the peace and time you’re devoting only to yourself.

3. Wear comfortable and natural clothes
Clean, cotton clothes will help you feel comfortable throughout your practice. We advise you to practice bare-foot, for better stability and support. Bring a towel if you need one.

4. Practice on empty stomach
We advise you not to eat at least two hours before practice. But if you are hungry, one hour before the class you can have some fruit. If you are thirsty during practice, you can have some water, but it’s better not to take sips every now and then as during yoga practice the body warms up and cleanses from toxins. If you drink water in the class, it cools your body and impedes that natural process. After the class you can drink a lot of water so you can make up for the lost liquid.

5. Come to the class clean
Your personal hygiene is the sign of respect to yourself and others. A piece of advice: do not wear a perfume before practice as it can be a hindrance through breathing practice or cause allergy in connection with your sweat. Strong smell of perfumes can also bother other practicioners.

6. Purchase your own mat
Beside your own mat being a great investment in your self-practice, it is also a “holy place” on which you build your yoga! You can leave your mat at the studio, in a place where no one else except you will use it. If you don’t have your own mat, we kindly ask you to clean the one you use in the class.

7. Be gentle & patient with yourself
Don’t go over your limits. Respect your body and stop when it’s necessary. In yoga there’s no need for “perfection”, just be here and now. Before the class tell your teacher about your injuries, diseases that could compromise your practice, or pregnancy – you will get personal tips. If you feel tired or exhausted, skip the postures that you find difficult or try with the easier version.

8. Observe yourself, not the others
In yoga there is no competition. It’s not a sports training, but meditation in movement: it is true that it strengthens your body and makes it healthier and more flexible, but the purpose of yoga is a peaceful mind, open heart and greater awareness.

9. Savasana- final relaxation
Sometimes being still and quiet can be really challenging and hard to do, but we recommend that you take this time very seriously and allow your body to absorb and soak all the work you’ve been doing during your practice. Try to stay in Savasana (also known as “corpse pose”) at lest 5-10min. or until a teacher instructs you to come out of it.

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