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Yoga Allience Teacher Training sa Pedro Franco

14.11.-24.11.,  100 sati Obuku za Yoga ucitelje sa vodecim Vinyasa Krama uciteljem Pedro Franco

Are you a Yoga practitioner who wants to deepen Yoga practice and knowledge? Are you dedicated to Yoga and want to spread your passion with others? Are you dreaming of becoming a Yoga teacher? Well, now we offer you a place where you can come to and get your knowledge and skills to pursue your passion with an amazing teacher Pedro Franco.

TTC 100h November 14-24

Will be two courses of 100h in ten days. People can do one or both. But the certificate of yoga teacher will be given only to people that have 200 hours training. You will be Yoga Allience certified.

About Pedro:

1980 Euros for 200 hours
1100 euros for each 100 hours course
This is early bird price that is due by January 20th, after january 20th:
2000 euros or 1300 for 100 hour course
possible to pay in installments- please send all questions about payment to this training to:



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