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Today’s Schedule

Tuesday: Kundalini Yoga at 12.15p.m, Prenatal Yoga at 4.15p.m, Awakening flow at 5.45p.m, Vinyasa ABC at 7.30p.m.!


Vinyasa Fundamentals

This class is suitable for the raw beginners. The beginner with some physical fitness, exercise experience and an open mind will find our yoga basics class an excellent segue into our other vinyasa flow classes. Bring a friend and experience how the teacher breaks down elements of our vinyasa flow class so you can easily digest the transitions, breath work, postures, supports and variations. No experience neccessary for this class.

Vinyasa Flow ( all levels), Awakening Flow ( Level II), Presence Flow ( Level II/III)

90 min classes tune into the natural flow of breath then begin by gently lengthening and deepening each breath. Within the length and depth of breath we move our bodies. Throughout the rise and fall of intensity we learn through practice how to remain with ourselves and in control using ancient breathing techniques. Each class offers a series of Asanas ( body postures) that are linked together with the inhale and the exhale. This repetition of breath and movement brings an element of cardiovascular conditioning to the class increasing the caloric expenditure, improving circulation and safely working the heart. Our teachers offer variations to help safely build the beginner as well as more challenging variations to bring the advanced beginner safely to their edge. The room is comfortably heated surrounding you like a blanket to gently invite the muscles to supple and elongate. Over time the muscles retain the length and strengthen. This “re-integration” helps improve posture and offers the body the space to maintain health. It is helpful if you’ve taken Vinyasa Fundamentals at least once, but if coming for the first time you will be helped out as we move through the flow.

Hot Vinyasa Detox

This is the Vinyasa Flow class in which all of the Asanas (postures) are designed for detoxifying your body. The class is 75 minutes long, and we will be moving in a heated room helping your body release the toxins even faster, through your breathing and sweating. Previous knowledge of Vinyasa Flow is recommended but not required.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow, designed for students of all levels in Yoga, focuses on pranayama (breathing techniques), maintaining the asanas (postures) longer than the vinyasa system, where we get a chance to go thoroughly into the asanas. The class is ideal for beginners because of the gentle  dynamics of class, but also challenging enough for those who are doing yoga for longer to dive deeply into energetic feeling of practice.




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