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Today’s Schedule

Tuesday: Kundalini Yoga at 12.15p.m, Prenatal Yoga at 4.15p.m, Awakening flow at 5.45p.m, Vinyasa ABC at 7.30p.m.!

About Us

“Prana Yoga Studio” is the first and only yoga studio in Sarajevo of its kind, and it was founded in May of 2010. Our goal was to bring something totally new to Bosnian culture, and also to help you be healthy, flexible, stress-free, and simply to feel good about yourself. We want to offer yoga in the same way as it is in Europe and U.S. and help people experience and feel yoga benefits.

You will have an opportunity to practice every day, to attend our workshops, meet the teacher guests and go with us for weekend retreats. Not only will you help your body, but you will learn so much about yourself and your inner you.

Our mission

Our mission, with You in mind, is to create an environment that promotes growth, personal transformation and to empower our students to make healthy choices for balanced living. Regardless of age, experience or background, our approach builds an awareness that allows our students to see clearly the conditioning and patterns that rob us of our vitality and happiness. We strive to effectively adapt the yoga practices to individual needs. Our aim is to awaken the playful energy of the spirit and to honor the divine spark that pulsates in all of us. We are wholly committed to creating a positive impact on our community through love and compassion.


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